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Lower your acquisition cost with personalized, high-touch outreach.

Convert more of your existing applicants to active providers through targeted, one-to-one phone conversations.

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Increasing Adult Learner Enrollment through Outbound One-on-One Conversations

Forging personal connections with adult learners increases enrollment by more than 2x.

Case study
Increasing Customer Subscription Rate by 41% Through One on One Sales Conversations

Using one on one conversations to deliver value propositions can increase customer subscription rates, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Case study
Launching Marketplace Supply in 4,000 New Cities Using Inside Sales

One of GetScale's partners set targets to launch 4,000 new cities over the course of a calendar year and enlisted GetScale for supply recruitment.

Case study
Unlocking New Candidate Pools for Specialized Staffing Firm

Adding data-optimized job board management and “high-touch” applicant engagement can increase your staffing fill rates and applicant-to-hire conversion.

Case study
Recruiting In-Home Caregivers for a Nationwide Marketplace

Outbound one-to-one calls and SMS to caregiver candidates can increase applicant-to-hire conversion by 50%

Case study
 Delivering Cost Savings Through a “High Touch” Applicant Experience

Adding data-informed one-on-one conversations to your applicant onboarding can increase conversion by 20%+ and reduce acquisition costs by over 50%.

Case study