Better conversion is a competitive advantage

GetScale was born out of Uber, where our founding team built and scaled Uber’s first driver recruiting team. That experience proved a valuable hypothesis: taking the time to speak to people one-to-one is often the push they need to get across the finish line.

Improved conversion rates create a powerful multiplier effect that impacts every growth metric. As you improve your funnel, revenue increases and the cost to hit growth targets decreases. This allows you to unlock new channels, push competitors out of existing channels, and ultimately achieve faster growth and improve profitability.

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Our Approach

GetScale vertically integrates growth marketing, highly skilled salespeople, data, and proprietary systems to deliver truly incremental value for our partners. 

We manage lead generation campaigns

We ensure that every lead is warm, relevant, and has a high potential for conversion. This means more meaningful interactions and a higher ROI for our partners.

We attract and select the best talent

Our recruitment process is rigorous, targeting only the best talent. But we don't stop there. Through continuous training and development, we ensure that each one of our reps maximizes their potential.

We obsessively measure everything

By relentlessly monitoring, analyzing, and iterating on every detail, we gain insights that go beyond surface-level metrics. This means we're always refining, always improving, and always maximizing performance.

We build the technology to wrap it all together

From real-time analytics dashboards to CRM solutions, our tech stack ensures that all our efforts are coordinated, efficient, and geared towards one thing: delivering results for our partners.

The GetScale Difference

Unlike traditional marketing agencies or outsourced call centers, we align our incentives directly with our partners. No more paying commission on excessive media spend or paying hourly for poorly motivated sales reps. GetScale lowers your acquisition cost, provides feedback from thousands of conversations, and delivers incremental conversions. Real conversations drive real results.





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Meet The Team

Our people are our most important asset. Meet a few key players we’re highlighting this quarter below!

Garrett Wood
Founder & CEO
Heather Laing
Head of People
Jon Hibbard
General Manager
Nikhail Singh
General Manager
Maria Godinez
Product Operations Manager
Tom McLeod
Head of Product
Josh Kennedy
Head of Engineering
Ashley Golding
People Operations Partner

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We’ll help you be the best version of yourself. At GetScale, you’ll be challenged, supported and celebrated every step of the way.

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