Increasing Adult Learner Enrollment through Outbound One-on-One Conversations


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Forging personal connections with adult learners increases enrollment by more than 2x.

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An innovative educational organization dedicated to providing non-traditional students with accessible pathways to earning college degrees. They specialize in offering personalized, supportive, and flexible online higher education programs tailored to meet the unique needs of working adults.

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The Problem:

75% of all college students have jobs and families, and many of these “non-traditional” or “adult learners” have had a negative experience with education in the past. Pairing these challenges together, it’s no surprise adult learners are reluctant to pursue new educational opportunities despite the positive impact it can have on their careers and lives. GetScale was approached by an organization offering an accredited online degree and wraparound program, that was struggling to connect with new demographics outside of feeder organization referrals and word of mouth. They had spent the past decade building robust coaching and support programs focused on adult learners and had driven outstanding outcomes (81% graduation rate), but enrollment had plateaued.

The Solution:

GetScale built a new approach to engaging new prospective students using outbound one-on-one consultations to qualify individuals who may be a good fit for the program. Before any steps were taken towards enrollment, GetScale would have a phone conversation with each student to get to know them on a personal level. In each conversation, GetScale team members took the time to learn about each student's past experience in education, their personal goals, and current family and work situation to build a relationship with the individual and truly understand whether or not the program would be a strong fit for them.

The Results:

Within 3 months, GetScale became the organization’s #1 channel for new students and is now responsible for 2 out of every 3 students who attend the program’s orientation. Additionally, GetScale was able to collect insight through their conversations to drive improvements in the organization’s onboarding process, including streamlining preparation for orientation and fostering student community through tools like Slack and Salesforce.

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