Launching Marketplace Supply in 4,000 New Cities Using Inside Sales


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One of GetScale's partners set targets to launch 4,000 new cities over the course of a calendar year and enlisted GetScale for supply recruitment.

App-Based Marketplace

About the company

A Fortune 500 app-based marketplace company, operating in the US and Canada.

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The Problem

Scaling marketplaces to new cities requires a delicate balance of supply and demand, presenting significant challenges to high-growth companies. One of GetScale's partners set targets to launch 4,000 new cities over the course of a calendar year. A major driver for an "on-time launch" is having the appropriate amount of supply (Couriers) to meet delivery service level agreements for their new markets (on-time delivery percentage, cancellation rates, etc.). Despite implementing various incentive programs and marketing campaigns, simply increasing top-of-funnel marketing spend was ineffective.

The Solution

GetScale scoped supply targets and launch timelines to build a “Launch Outreach Playbook” specific to their partner’s marketplace to increase conversion from "applicant" to "ready to work." The playbook involved detailed timelines and messaging on when in the launch cycle to call and text different cohorts of workers. The goal of the initiative was to ensure applicants were not only qualified, but motivated and prepared for launch day.

The Results

Leveraging the Launch Outreach Playbook, GetScale was able to drive a 40% year-over-year increase in on-time market launches (from a 65% to a 90% success rate), enabling our partner to successfully reach the goal of launching 4,000 new cities and maintaining their national lead in market share. In addition to the outreach provided, GetScale used insights from applicant conversations to determine when top-of-funnel activities should begin before a market launch and which incentives were most impactful in new markets. Due to the program's success, GetScale continues to be leveraged in all new launch programming to this day.

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