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Adding data-informed one-on-one conversations to your applicant onboarding can increase conversion by 20%+ and reduce acquisition costs by over 50%.

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GetScale partnered with a leading Food Delivery company in North America.

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The Problem

GetScale was approached by a leading food delivery platform after identifying a handful of supply-constrained markets responsible for a significant percentage of their service level issues with top restaurant partners.

Their efforts to increase applicant volume through additional marketing spend had a limited impact on attracting new drivers in target areas, and their acquisition costs had risen 3x.

An internal review found less than 25 markets accounted for approximately 55% of their overall acquisition costs due to high lead generation costs (CPL) and poor applicant to working driver conversion through their standard process. 

The Solution

GetScale was engaged to enhance the onboarding experience for applicants in their partner’s most supply-constrained markets through one-on-one phone conversations. Because working on a mobile-first platform is a new experience for many applicants, the opportunity to speak to a human helps increase the applicant’s comfort and confidence levels before getting started. 

In each conversation, GetScale would help identify unique questions, concerns, and motivations for each applicant before building a success plan to help each driver reach their goals. Each success plan involved outlining when, where, why, and how each driver would start their first shift.

The Results

Over an initial 12-week pilot period, GetScale’s one-on-one conversations increased overall applicant conversion from 14% to 17% in these critical markets — adding over 2,400 new delivery drivers to the company’s fleet. Along with service level improvements across all markets, by increasing applicant conversion, the partner was able to save $1.8M by reducing their required applicant marketing spend.

Based on the success of this initial pilot, GetScale outreach services were expanded to over 1,000 markets with an estimated annual savings impact of $50MM.

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