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Outbound one-to-one calls and SMS to caregiver candidates can increase applicant-to-hire conversion by 50%

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Our partner helps health plans and employers connect members and their families to real people for help with companionship, everyday tasks, transportation, and more.

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The Problem

In-Home caregiving, like many roles in healthcare, is a challenging and oftentimes thankless job. Pairing the difficult nature of the role with an increasingly competitive labor market has caused record turnover and real pains for organizations looking to expand their workforces to meet growing demand. As the US population continues to age, the competition for caregivers and healthcare workers continues to increase.

The Solution

GetScale was approached by a nationwide in-home caregiving platform that was struggling to meet the rising demand for their services. Their hiring costs were increasing dramatically, driven by sub-5% applicant-to-hire conversion and saturated applicant sourcing channels. After an in depth analysis of their recruitment funnel, GetScale identified several key stages where they believed they could increase conversion by educating and motivating individuals using personalized call and SMS outreach from expert recruiters.

The Results

During the 12-week pilot, GetScale was able to increase applicant-to-hired conversion from 5% → 7.5%, delivering over 300 new caregivers to support the client’s highest demand markets. Additionally, GetScale translated the learnings from their “live” applicant conversations into actionable funnel design insights (e.g. new payment process and structure, streamlined applicant data collection) resulting in an additional 20% improvement over baseline conversion metrics. Based on the success of the initial pilot, the organization expanded the GetScale recruiting initiative across their entire US operations (41 states) with an estimated annual impact of over $1.2M in incremental revenue.

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