How a Medical Training Organization Increased Enrollment by 41% with Typeform and GetScale


Annualized Revenue Increase


Increase in Conversion to Deposit


New Trainees / Year

Pairing outbound one-on-one calls and SMS with a streamlined onboarding flow can increase conversion to payment by over 40%.

Medical Certification Training Program

About the company

A Nationwide Online Medical Assistant Training Organization

GetScale Services Used

The Problem

A nationwide Medical Assistant Training Organization set goals to increase the scale and revenue of their flagship training program.

After making substantial investment in building robust training programs and generating positive student outcomes, the organization needed to focus on a way to streamline onboarding and program distribution to scale.

After increased marketing efforts led to 20,000+ applicants per month, the organization identified increasing conversion from application → enrollment as the biggest lever for growth.

The Solution

To enable scalable growth and capture the upside of an increased marketing budget, a two pronged solution was applied:

  1. Streamline the onboarding flow using Typeform – By using Typeform for lead capture, the client created frictionless onboarding flow from start to finish, capturing critical applicant qualification data and reducing the time needed to complete an application from 10 minutes → 2 minutes.
  2. Increase conversion using GetScale - By using GetScale for applicant (lead) engagement, the client added systematically timed one-on-one conversations to identify the unique questions, concerns, and motivations of each applicant before building a success plan to help them reach their goals. Each success plan involved reviewing why the applicant was interested in the program, how the training could improve their life, and establishing clear next steps to make their deposit payment.

With the solutions in place, an A/B test was held to measure the impact of the improved onboarding + conversion process.

The Results

During the 12-week pilot, GetScale and Typeform were able to increase the Client’s applicant → enrollment (deposit paid) conversion from 6% → 8.5%, increasing the number of trainees by 41% without any increase in marketing spend or lead volume.

Based on the success of the initial pilot, the client implemented the GetScale + Typeform solution across its entire operation of 20,000+ monthly applicants and projects $2.3M in revenue growth as a result. 

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